Complete Guide for Microsoft Points

xbox-360-live-goldI found this article on and i wanted to share my opinion about the guide they made. First of all i think its very well made tutorial and for every beginner it will be more then enough to find out how to get MS points. It talks about Giftcardsbay’s Microsoft Points Generator and you can download it from this post. Check out the rest of the article about it:

One of the few things that you might need when you already have Xbox 360 are the Microsoft points and maybe Xbox live gold subscription, but as you already know these codes cost quite a bit of money and that is why we decided to make this short guide about the way you can get these free microsoft points and the benefits of using them. We made similar post about playstation network cards and you can read more there if you own PS3 , but now lets see what Xbox Live is and later we will present to you the microsoft points generator .

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Playstation Network Should Keep the PSN Codes for PS4

Latest announcements about PS4 hinted something about PSN Codes not being used once Sony’s new console is released. If you never heard about it , PSN is the online shop and community where you can buy latest game releases and additions for your games with credits from your account. This balance can be used whenever you want , and that is why Playstation Network Cards are great , they allow you too buy the cards and use them when you want or give them as a gift to your friends. Some news articles said that when the PS4 is released there will be no more gift cards , just straight away money on your account. But i do not think this will be the case , just because the popularity of the psn cards and many users not being able to add money on their account with credit card.

Playstation Network

This would especially be bad news for users that rely on free psn codes giveaways on websites such as and similar. This is quite interesting concept and many people like to participate in this kind of giveaway and get popular gift cards just for sharing and liking the page. The most important fact is that all the cards are bought by sponsors and given away to active users as a reward. Many members joined because they did not have credit card to buy the cards in a first place but it ended up as really interesting contest and game.

Free PSN Codes

So as you can see , popularity of the psn cards is huge , and keeping it means that more members will be able to join PSN and play their favorite games , not to mention buy additional DLC’s and other virtual items. I do not know if the rumors are true but i do not think that Sony will be removing these popular gift cards from their service once PS4 hits the stores. Here is a video with the release details and features about the new console.

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Why to Choose Spotify Premium over iTunes

We all love music i guess and the time of storing the music on your computer is long gone . Now we have many services that can offer you to make a playlist online and also stream your music of choice without having to download it. Now in the year 2013 we are facing a new issue , which of these service providers are the best and which one you should choose. In this short post i will go over the features that Spotify Premium account has compared to iTunes subscription and also mention out some of the rising popular services like Deezer, Pandora radio and Rdio.

iTunes to Spotify

I guess that you all heard about iTunes , its ran by Apple and they are the current leader in this type of music industry. They offer their app to be downloaded for free to Windows, Mac , iOS but not for Android. Also most of their services are free but the thing that you will have to pay for is the song itself if you want to download it for offline use. Until then you can listen to it online without limitation. Over the last few years iTunes was unmatched by its quality , until few years back when Spotify came along.

Spotify Premium

Spotify is Swedish service that started small and was based only in Europe , mostly in Scandinavian countries and Northern Europe. When the other countries realized that it has many similar features like iTunes most users quickly changed to it since it provided one of the best things, and its to be able to download music to phones, tablets and PC without having to pay for songs. But that feature is exclusive only to users that have Spotify Premium which is available for a fraction of a price of iTunes subscription. You can of course buy that at official Spotify website with visa or any other credit card , or you can redeem a Spotify Premium code , which can be obtained by purchasing it at any vendor or finding it online. At the end of the post we will tell you where you can get these very easy. What makes it so great also is that fact that with premium you will be able to get much more quality for your songs.

Pandora Radio , Deezer and Rdio are another alternatives for these 2 services and while they provide great source of new music ,they just do not have the features that Spotify and iTunes have.For example Deezer says they offer over 20 Million songs if you become their member. Feel free to try these out , we are focusing to review the two that we consider the best.

So let me talk a bit more how you can get Spotify premium codes for free using this simple tactic. So far there have been a few sites that claimed to be able to provide these codes and we tested few out and ended up with the only one that seamed to be working. We found it on and there you can download the actual software called spotify premium code generator and then use it to get your codes which can be redeemed just like any other code that you buy online or at vendor. Here is how it looks like and at the end you will be able to watch one of the Video guides that shows how it is working and basically its a tutorial that you can follow to get your codes faster.

Spotify code generator

This is the Spotify code generator window when you start it for the first time

I hope you liked our post and i think that this is one of the reasons why you should choose Spotify over iTunes , you can actually get it for free.

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MyCheats.Net News Announces New Game Hacks And Cheats Updates As Of Aug 2nd 2014

For immediate distribution across all relevant networks.
Oldschool IRC version available at #mycheats, #psnhacks, #psncodes, #cochacks, #hackzrus, type ! in IRC channel to get the latest updates or contact admin to get full list of relevant new game hacks or request your own game hack (yeah, we do custom jobs as well)!

The business of gaming on iOS and Android is thriving with free games where you should have plenty of iron gold and many more resources to win the games against other players and get high up on the hall of fame. We have a big folder of new cheat version
patches that are designed to flawlessly work on official servers, generate resources if you want and keep you on the very top of the competitions.

New Clash of Clans Hack That Works

The freshly released Undetectable Clash of Clans Hack gives you the much needed resources such as wood, gold and elixir. The latest version of the hacking program was extensively tested on live accounts to make certain it works on Supercell servers, has needed app updates and is able of generating infinite resources, when you really need them. It got simple plug and play system for Facebook, iOS and Android cell phones. You can easily use it to get better troops, defensive structures and take part in clan PvP battles wars without the fear loss.

Hay Day Hack

The sun is very bright and the cattle are getting more fit lol. We give you the best Hay Day hack tool on this fine occasion which will make you to farm with pleasure and expand further to the maximum limit. The goal of this game is to create and run your farm which needs in-game purchases. Our hack allows you to add all the resources you need and more. It is extensively tested to be safe to use. We release almost daily updates for the program which now gets a new stable version for players to download.

Dragon City Hack

Dragon City is a very nice game set in the fantasy worlds where players breed dragons and make and maintain their own dragon ridden Jurassic Park. It’s a true fun filled adventure but to play with others, you require lots and lots resources including gold, gems and food. We have made a new Dragon City hack tool which in the end puts your PvP enemies to rest. Feed your dragons with free food, purchase new eggs with gold and progress as your heart desires. The latest version of our hack is working for both iOS and Android devices.

New Boom Beach Hack

Are you trying so hard to take down an enemy base and control their island? We finally have hack tool you must have. Our team of developers has worked really hard to create a working Boom Beach hack that gets you the resources, gold and anything else that you need to superpower your armies. The new new version is stable, injects resources with the click of a button and you can always get back to our web page to download latest versions.

New League Of Angels Hack

We with joy announce that we’ve yesterday released for free download the official, stable version of the undetectable League of Angels cheat. The hack tool allow you to boos your hero and get rare angels with ease cause you finally have unlimited gold, gems and diamonds at your fingertips to make use of. The hack tool release version is very safe to use and is available to download for free. We will be providing daily patches and fixes to make sure you keep winning in the League of Angels game without slowing down. Enjoy the game using our cheat and hack tool on all Android, iOS, WEB and Facebook as it has been optimized to work on all platforms.

About MyCheats.Net:
We are team of dedicated and experienced game and app hackers with ability to break down and hack any game you throw at us.

Our full working updated undetectable and free hack download list as of August 2nd, 2014 can be found here:

League Of Angels:
Boom Beach Hack:
Dungeon Keeper Hack:
Clash Of Clans Hack:
Dragon City Hack:
Hay Day Hack:
Pree PSN Codes:
PSN Code Generator:
Free Riot Points Hack (League Of Legends):

If you would like us to hack your favorite game, please leave us a note at and we will come back to you!

Enjoy your free game and program hacks For latest updates always check out our site at! …And thank you guys and gals for all the support and feedback! :-)

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Hands On With the HTC One Max


Hands On With HTC One Max

One size does not fit all, apparently. After shrinking down the One to bring us the One Mini, HTC now brings us a super-sized version of its beautifully designed flagship phone. Continue reading

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Steam Controller: Developers Weigh In

Following Valve’s announcement of the Steam Controller last week, many people were left asking the same question: what will it feel like?

While IGN probably won’t get its hands on Valve’s first hardware for some time, we reached out to a few developers who have already been lucky enough to test out the prototype. It’s still early and the final controller hasn’t been finished (as Valve mentioned last week, these protoypes “have four buttons in place of the touch screen and require a USB cable”), but these early thoughts give us our first insight into exactly how Valve’s controller might change gaming moving forward. Continue reading

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Sony: 24 PS4 Exclusives Announced, 14 Studios Working on Them

Today, Sony released a new PlayStation 4 commercial, seen below, that makes some interesting claims about PlayStation 4’s library of games. With murmurings suggesting that PS4’s launch/first year lineup is a bit soft – especially in the wake of DriveClub’s delay — this commercial seems to nip some of the criticism in the bud. Continue reading

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GameCase Brings Classic Controller Style to iOS

GameCase for iOS

We’ve adapted from a culture of console-based gameplay into mobile maniacs who speed through six levels of Bejeweled Blitz on the morning train commute. And that shift has helped push Apple to embrace traditional controllers in a modern way. Continue reading

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League of Legends shoutcasters hold Reddit AMA, advertise new commentating positions

A handful of professional League of Legends commentators halted their lengthy discussions of counter jungle strategies, the best times to hard leash, and other MOBA jargon to host a Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”), where they talked about their jobs and how you can get do it, too. Continue reading

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Meet the PS Vita TV, a $100 Apple TV clone that plays nice with Sony’s PlayStation line

Sony may soon take on Apple TV, Roku, and Google’s Chromecast in the U.S., but first the company is planning an initial run in Japan with a newly announced set-top box, the PlayStation Vita TV.

Similar to other cheaply priced home entertainment devices, PS Vita TV offers Web browsing and video streaming content from mainstream services such as Hulu. Sony’s new device will also offer compatibility with more than 1,300 games for PS Vita, PSP, and PSOne classics. Continue reading

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Xbox One SmartGlass helps you with your gaming

While we knew SmartGlass could be used to handle matchmaking on Xbox One, Microsoft hasn’t said much else about the next iteration of the second-screen experience. In an interview on Xbox Wire, Microsoft general manager Ron Pessner promises a more responsive app that connects to Xbox One within four seconds – over three times faster than the Xbox 360 app.

Up to 16 SmartGlass devices can connect to a single Xbox One console, though it’s unknown how that functionality will serve anyone or what it will be explicitly used for. The improved app also presents the opportunity for smart devices to be used as game controllers, though again there’s currently no direct example of that being employed right now. And SmartGlass will naturally act as an extension of Xbox Live when away from the console, allowing users to communicate with friends, check Achievements, watch Game DVR videos and access the Xbox Games Store.

Putting a bow on the SmartGlass package is Game Help, a new feature for developers who publish on Xbox One. When publishing a game, developers must submit a help manual that will aid players contextually either directly in-game or through SmartGlass. “In front of your console, you can say, ‘Xbox: Help!’ and then it will appear on the console,” Pessner toldEngadget in a separate interview. “Or in SmartGlass, you can click on the Help icon and then it will just tune into exactly what you’re doing and present the right help content for you.” This aid also applies to apps outside of games, in case you’re having trouble navigating the tricky waters of Internet Explorer. Continue reading

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All too often, gaming laptops have the problem of overstating just how “made for gamers” they are. With their neon lights, science fiction-like design elements, and brightly colored accents, it usually doesn’t take long to identify if a particular portable computer was made for gaming. MSI’s new GS70, on the other hand, takes a different approach. Sporting an ultra-slim build, a dark gray aluminum chasis, and lacking unnecessary LEDs, the company’s latest laptop is obviously designed with a more mature look in mind. It may not be quite as attractive as the Razer Blade line, but you definitely won’t feel ashamed when you pull out the GS70 public — that is, as long as you can find a bag big enough to fit the laptop and its giant 17.3-inch display. Continue reading

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Introducing… The Nintendo 2DS. No, That’s Not a Typo.

Nintendo will be launching a new portable gaming system in October. It’s called the Nintendo 2DS. It’s a 3DS without the 3D, and it’s shaped like a thin piece of cake. Continue reading

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